MADEPLAST produces composite wood products with 100% recycled materials, consisting of 70% wood and 30% plastic

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MADEPLAST is a Plastified Wood producer. Our formula is exclusive (USPTO-licensed in the US), consisting of 70% wood residues with protective additives and 30% plastic waste, resulting in a 100% ecological product with high durability, even under sun and rain.

Plastic product for exterior application in civil construction. Premium product, focused on works of high standard. Our products have an estimated durability of 50 years under sun and rain.

100% Ecological Construction Material

MADEPLAST produces ecological materials mainly for the following construction applications: decking, pergola, facade, cladding and nature trail.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Brazil, the ecological wood is a product that uses innovative technology in its composition. This includes a Brazilian innovative nanotechnology to inhibit the attack of fungi and pests, even with up to 70% of wood in the formula.

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Designed for the Outdoors

Accepts wood paint and varnishes

Does not release splinters

Does not require varnish

Can be cut or screwed with wood tools

Nanotechnology Formula

Invulnerable to fungi and termite attacks

Leftovers and waste can be recycled

The best cost-benefit for your work

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